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runs on a debian VPS say no to web3 i think this page is PG-suited

rina's fun place -- homepage

hiiii my name is rina (yes, actually) i am that
longsleeve-obsessed weirdo and also the biggest rina tennoji kinnie on the interwebs! you simply cannot argue this xD
this is my small homepage for all the annoying things i like/do! i am cringe but i am free


first of all, happy orthodox new year everyone! i wasn't feeling the best mentally so i kinda stopped updating this website. but new things may come soon!


i've reverted from flask (python) to plainhtml, and features i wanted to have will be re-written with another language on a later date.
for security reasons, the iframe has been replaced with a div tag


today there was unplanned downtime from around 10pm to 00:10am CET. due to certain technical difficulties. my apologies


new day new - new update.
while i can't promise to update here regularry, i'll try to post on here.
yesterday wasn't that amazing, but what can you do? some days will always be better than the others ^-^
all we can really do, is try our best for each day :3c


new year new me? or wait,
was it new year, new website? desing :think:

"new? but it looks like it's from 2007!"
that's the the point, silly.
it's supposed to look like that!

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hug me dream w/ me i love cats trans rights give me attention pls president mikuu